Where to find us

Frasi Africa  collection is available in all the Best Boutiques in Zanzibar and Tanzania, please see below for their contact details and location.


Made in Africa Shop, Gizenga St behind the old Fort, Stone Town

FRASI Africa . Schwari Boutique. Hurumzi St, behind The House of Wonders, Stone Town

Karafuu Hotel, Michamvi

Palumbo Reef, Uroa

Samaki Lodge, Uroa

La Gemma del Est, Kendwa

Mapenzi Beach Resort, Pwani Mchangani

Neptune Pwani Resort, Pwani Mchangani

Veraclub, Kiwengwa

Veraclub Sunset, Kendwa

Bluebay Beach Resort, Kiwengwa

Sultan Sands Resort, Kiwengwa

Seacliff Resort, Mangapwani

Memories of Zanzibar, Stone Town

Zanzibar Airport, International Terminal

Zanzibar Airport, Domestic Terminal

Hideaway, Nungwi

Konokono, Michamvi


Cultural Heritage

The Blue Heron

Kia Lodge

Moivaro lodge

Plantation Lodge

Kitela Lodge

Tloma Lodge

Wayo Activity Center

Arusha Coffee Lodge


Cultural Heritage, Slipway

Schwari Boutique, Slipway

If you are overseas or end customer you can enquire for online shopping products and we could ship to you worldwide at your own cost.

If you would like to cooperate with us and retails our products please contact us direct for further information : info@frasiafrica.com or wholesale@frasiafrica.com