Who are we

Started as a family-run company over eight years ago in Zanzibar, where we are still based we print exclusive designs onto a variety of clothing for the tourism range (as FrasiAfrica screen printed collection) or for the corporate need (as the Uniform service and more.) The result is a qualitatively competitive product that comfortably satisfies all the requirements of their clients: tourism, corporate, sports, fashion or campaign businesses.

Code of conduct

FrasiAfrica believes that it is not enough to be satisfied with the acquisition of fair-trade raw materials from an ethical supply chain. Nor to place trust only in apparent certification, but it is also necessary to work and make its collaborators work, in the right conditions and for a fair pay. This is what makes everyone an integral part of the final product – and all of this is carried out whilst paying great attention to the cultural and environmental aspects of the workplace and all their workers. A team that started together eight years ago and by growing together made FrasiAfrica the successful company it is today. Frasi Africa is constantly expanding and supplying new countries such as Kenya, Monzambique  and the Maldives!

Frasi Africa Director: "We believe that all our company's achievement is a result of a Team work."